The time has come.. – François Padovani, President of CLIPSAS, for Novi List, February 11, 2018. – Excerpt from the text consists of quotes.

The path we have embarked on encourages personal improvement, and not only that, but the concepts of Responsibility and Duty towards all of Humanity are fundamental to us. We want to contribute to the construction of a more unified, just, and fraternal world where everyone can find their place, a world where Freedom is not just a word and where we are all aware of our duties towards our fellow beings, duties of Respect, Solidarity, and Brotherhood.

The pyramid we call the delta or triangle can symbolize the elementary geometric figure that arises from the combination of the Square and the Compass, the basis of the science of architecture. The All-Seeing Eye symbolizes, among other things, the Sun from which Life and Light emerge, as well as the Word, the Logos, and the Great Architect. The letter G most commonly implies Geometry, one of the 7 Liberal Arts.

Wherever it is necessary, men and women Freemasons work towards opening up spaces of freedom. Regardless of the level of economic and, in general, civilizational development, we want to work everywhere towards respecting our fellow human beings, Brotherhood, Solidarity, Freedom of Conscience, and the actual implementation of human rights… and to instill the values we defend into this world.

The Grand National Lodge of Croatia has numerous Lodges and members throughout your beautiful Homeland. It is a respected member of the global Masonic association CLIPSAS, and its previous successes in promoting noble human ideals are visible and recognized across all Parallels and Meridians. Beautiful human Brotherhood Freemasonry is practiced in all Lodges throughout Croatia.

In this complex, problematic, and uncertain period, the role of Freemasonry is to reaffirm Principles and Values, which include placing people at the center of questioning and decision-making. As ultra-nationalisms resurface with their outbreaks of fanaticism, hatred from the past, and sometimes territorial ambitions, it is more important than ever to have a global vision and understand that our destinies are intertwined, and the only thing we can do is build and develop together in harmony with dignity and respect for others.

Europe is the geographical and historical cradle of Freemasonry, which is oriented towards the comprehensive development of the individual and the solidarity-based development of Humanity. All of us, European citizens, whether Freemasons or not, must write our history together. In many cases, especially in the field of culture, connections with Brothers and Sisters from different European countries show us that the idea of building Europe based on Freemasonic principles of Freedom, Equality, and Brotherhood is not a chimera. I often think of Jean Monnet, who, when asked whether he was optimistic or pessimistic about the future of Europe, replied: “It doesn’t matter if we are optimistic or pessimistic, what matters is that we are determined.” Freemasons have always been leaders as workers and defenders of Freedom, Secularity, and Tolerance, prioritizing their quality as free thinkers.

Discourse in which tragic or harmful, are explained by the secret conspiratorial actions of a malicious group of men has been transmitted almost since time immemorial. In the era of modern social media, this type of suspicion gains particular resonance. It also corresponds to a form of intellectual laziness – simplifying complex problems by blaming a particular group of people. We are not conspirators. Freemasons are inspired by the heritage of the Enlightenment, which promoted critical thinking, a culture of listening to other opinions, and overall social progress. Our societies still greatly need these Virtues. Anything that is secret is frightening. The Masonic path must be lived as a true and complete discovery. The secrecy of our rituals is important for others to remain free on their own paths. However, perhaps it is time for us to better communicate our intentions without revealing our rituals. We Freemasons who live in free countries must open ourselves up, not fear our differences, not fear being a voice that is heard, a path that is seen; we must step out of the shadow!

The Masonic path is a path of awakening; we rely on shared values to try to build a better humanity and create a better tomorrow. Freemasonry has existed for centuries.

By definition and oath, Masonic rituals are and must remain known only to initiated members. Freemasons are free men and women who have taken an oath to defend, no matter what happens, a better and more enlightened humanity. Therefore, there are no intimidating or similar rituals, actions, or attempts contrary to human dignity and integrity. The ritual is simultaneously a teacher, a path, and the totality of our existence. It is essentially an ode to Life, Knowledge, and the sharing of Good. Freedom is a fundamental value of Freemasonry. We steadfastly defend Freedom of Conscience, and every Mason is free to join the society that best suits their own affinities. Every year, individual Masons cease to be active, and they can do so completely freely. We are not sectarian in our structure and greatly respect family and personal values. There is no punishment for leaving Masonry. Anyone can leave for a period of time or forever. Above all, we are free in our choices! As I have said, Freemasonry is not a secret organization; it is a discreet organization that does not control the world. When we desire something sensational, we resort to the well-known theory of grand conspiracy. If Freemasons controlled the world, which has never been our goal, there would be more equality on this planet, the values we uphold would be more widespread, and financial scandals would be less common… Being a Freemason does not mean being greedy for power and control, but rather being driven by the desire to share and live together, motivated by the desire to be a programmer of dreams and participate in a laboratory of ideas to change the world, to write a different, better human and Brotherhood future for all people on Earth.

One of the fundamental principles of Freemasonry is discretion. I can only confirm the well-known fact that many famous public figures have been members of Masonic Lodges.

Universal Freemasonry everywhere is guided solely and exclusively by the work of self-improvement as individuals, with full respect for all moral and ethical laws that adorn a noble and humane personality. Symbolism and ancient Esoteric teachings form the foundation of this study and work on oneself.

I have decided to take steps towards esotericism, which has always interested me, with the aim of further self-work. The hardest part was making the decision.

We peeked into the Freemasons’ Temple..- Novi List, February 8, 2016, interview with the Grand Master of the Grand National Lodge of Croatia; an excerpt from the text contains quotes:

“In 2014, precisely on February 14, the Grand National Lodge of Croatia, Ancient, Free, and Accepted Masons, was founded in Rijeka. With the establishment of the Republic of Croatia, a law was passed legalizing the activities of societies that were prohibited during the time of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. New winds have blown, our laws are aligned with Western democratic achievements, and for a quarter of a century, Freemasons have been allowed to operate in Croatia. In 2005, our first member, a prominent citizen of Rijeka, was initiated in Trieste in the Grand Lodge of Italy… Shortly after that, in 2006, the first mixed Rijeka Lodge was established, where adult men and women work together. From that moment on, we can say that the life of the only mixed, liberal, adogmatic Masonic obedience in Croatian territory began… The story of liberal Masonry in Croatia starts from Rijeka, followed by membership expansion in Zagreb, Split, and Osijek… The Grand National Lodge of Croatia is internationally recognized by all relevant international Masonic organizations. We are members of the Association of Adogmatic Obediences of Central and Eastern Europe… It is an honor for us to participate in many humanitarian actions because doing acts of charity is one of the main directions of Masonic activity. It should be noted that the esteemed Mason was also the founder of the Red Cross, Henri Dunant.

Freemasonry itself promotes the purity of hands, which is why during the rituals, White Gloves have been symbolically worn for hundreds of years, as well as White Aprons. Freemasonry promotes purity of spirit and a high moral and ethical standard of behavior towards oneself, one’s immediate environment, and one’s own country. We meet twice a month at meetings symbolically called ‘Architectural Works.’ The clothing is strictly prescribed, ritualistic, and symbolic. We also hold the White Dinner, which is part of the informal gathering after the ‘Architectural Works’ and includes a communal banquet. It is one of the most beautiful and beneficial moments of mutual socializing and engaging in Masonry.

The Grand National Lodge of Croatia exclusively reveres and practices the famous Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, which is the most widespread and richest in its ritual expression in the world. It is the most archaic and is based on medieval tradition. Within it, there are 33 degrees that a Mason, if he has enough desire and capacity, masters over a longer span of years. Freemasonry is a lifelong activity. The first three degrees are called Blue Masonry, then from the 4th to the 18th degree, Red Masonry; from the 19th to the 30th degree, Black Masonry, and from the 31st to the 33rd degree, the Initiatory Pyramid symbolically culminates in White Masonry.

Masons are an ancient initiatory, esoteric, and spiritual society that arouses the attention of both experts and laypeople worldwide. I will list some well-known names: W. A. Mozart, J. S. Bach, Goethe, James Cook, Garibaldi, Lord Nelson, Eiffel, M. Twain, Henry Ford, Fleming, Gershwin, Lindbergh, Casanova, Neil Armstrong, Gianni Agnelli, W. Churchill.

The Constitution of the Grand National Lodge of Croatia is the fundamental Masonic document in the Republic of Croatia, and it states the following: The GNLC is an alliance of Freemasons who strive for the spiritual and moral enrichment of individuals, regardless of gender, race, religion, nationality, social position, education, or party affiliation. It promotes humanism and obliges its membership to accept the freedom of Conscience, Faith, and Spirit. The foundations of Freemasonry are Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood, and Ethics, as well as philanthropy without prejudice, truthfulness, and self-improvement. The fundamental obligations of every Freemason are silence, secrecy, work, and obedience to the governance of the Order in accordance with the General Rules. Freemasons must respect the laws of the country in which they reside and strive for the well-being of their Homeland. Freemasonry excludes adherence to any political or religious positions. The GNLC consists of Lodges operating under its protection, and their works are opened under the protection of St. John the Evangelist by laying the Compass and Square on the open Bible (Holy Book) and in homage to the Great Architect of the Universe.

Presidents and their membership in Freemasonry have always been an attractive topic, as numerous crowned heads and entire dynasties have been Freemasons. For example, the Tudors, Windsors, Habsburgs, and Frederick II the Great of Prussia… Throughout history, Freemasonry has included crowned heads, nobles, presidents, members of the bourgeoisie, and even to this day, successful businessmen, intellectuals, and artists. There are approximately 6 million Freemasons worldwide, among whom there are undoubtedly presidents, prime ministers, and ministers. It is known that 14, and perhaps more, American presidents were members of a Masonic Lodge. The most famous ones are George Washington, B. Franklin, Roosevelt, Truman, and others. This is sufficient to associate the concept of Freemasonry with the concept of power, which is not something that Freemasonry promotes on its own.

Freemasonry is a universal movement because, by becoming a Mason, you become part of the universal world Brotherhood. Everywhere, you are received as a Brother or Sister. We are bound by symbolism and a common oath, the ideals of Humanism, and philosophical principles that promote the well-being of society. To achieve the high global goals of Universal Freemasonry, it is especially important to daily uphold the highest ethical and moral norms, along with a strong commitment to the Homeland and respect for its laws.

Everyone we invite comes of their own free will, in accordance with their spiritual needs and interests. Motives can also be based on traditional family ties to the Masonic Order. In some families, being a Mason is a tradition. Seeking ways to realize one’s inclination for philanthropy, the desire to follow ideas, and the desire to belong to the largest and most respected Knightly Brotherhood in the world. All those who join Freemasonry and become active members will have the opportunity to experience Brotherly Love and mutual support. By adhering to the Masonic code, they will learn how to make life better, more productive, and more humane. To become a member of the Masons, one must go through a certain verification process, followed by initiation.