Freemasonry is the most famous and largest Brotherhood in the world. Masonry essentially encourages work for the moral betterment of man and the community, using various Symbols and Allegories.

The Light of Freedom

The fundamental Masonic values are Freedom, Equality, and Brotherhood. The Bible, Square, and Compass provide the light and orderly framework for a free and moral Masonic life. God, as Great Architect of the Universe, grants us freedom of conscience that transcends human dogmas and limitations on our beliefs.

School of Tolerance

In order to ensure this freedom, religious tolerance is necessary – within a framework that respects other people's freedoms and natural rights and common rules and laws.

Freemasonry was initially open to people of different religions, nationalities, ethnicities, and races without prejudice and within the context of mutual respect. Additionally, liberal Freemasonry includes mixed lodges of men and women.

Masonry is a school of life that teaches how toprotect the civil institutions and laws of the fatherland, to live honorably and with integrity, to treat others fairly, and to work for personal development.

300 years since the Constitution

Scottish Presbyterian officer, Rev. James Anderson published the Freemasons Constitution in 1723. So, exactly 300 years ago, the first "constitutional" document of Masonry was published. The Constitutions state that mason is obliged to obey the moral law, while certain opinions are left to a man who is to be good, honorable and sincere. Also, Mason should be peaceful towards civil authority, that is, he must never be in intrigues and conspiracies against the welfare of the homeland or the state.

Enlightenment legacy

Masonic creative heritage is seen above all in developed and open societies that value human freedom. Our intellectual, philosophical and spiritual heritage derives mostly from the Enlightenment when it sought to build a better and more rational world, in which Truth or facts will overcome prejudice.

Work on yourself

Masonry provides man with the possibility of knowing himself and ancient knowledge, understanding the interpretation of symbols and allegories within the framework of the Moral Law. It is our moral duty to awaken and build virtues whose energy will be felt by the world around us. Our brother Benjamin Franklin said that Masonic Work is pure Work of Love. Masonic Salary is in relationships with others; sympathy breeds sympathy, kindness breeds kindness, kindness begets kindness.

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