Statements of the Grand National Lodge of Croatia on the occasion of certain events

Statement on the tragic event in Paris, November 13, 2015.

 The Brothers and Sisters of the GRAND NATIONAL LODGE OF CROATIA and their Grand Master express feelings of fraternal and tender closeness in the moments of the tragic event in Paris, condemning with firm determination the violence and madness born from a completely distorted understanding of religion, which should open infinite fraternal ties between all living beings on the world.

Deeply sympathizing with the victims and their relatives, we feel the need to emphasize once again how strongly and uncompromisingly it is always necessary to advocate Love in relationships between people of all genders, races, religions, and skin colors. Although faced with such a terrible event, we must never lose hope that the words from our Temples: Freedom-Equality-Brotherhood will one day rule the world.

Declaration of solidarity and sympathy with the population of the area affected by natural disasters

We, the Brothers and Sisters of the Grand National Lodge of Croatia, would like to take this opportunity to express our Fraternal Solidarity and Sympathy with the population of the Caribbean, Mexico, Florida, and other affected areas, who bear witness to the strength and power of Mother Nature, unfortunately, in the most destructive way possible. Lives have been lost, homes destroyed, and the damage, both natural and material, is of such proportions that helplessness and fear dominate. Even though we are physically distant, in our thoughts and hearts we stand right next to those in adversity and suffering, as well as all the Brothers who undertake extraordinary efforts to help, reduce the damage and ease the pain...

Despite the magnitude of this tragedy and the fact that darkness has descended on the affected area, the Grand National Lodge of Croatia is determined in its faith in the predominance of Light, the hope for a better and more beautiful tomorrow, as well as in the Power of Brotherly Love, which, on this occasion, we want to send to all those in need.

Statement on the occasion of the tragic event in Brussels, March 22, 2016.

In the moments of the tragic events in Brussels, the Grand Master and all the GNLC Brothers and Sisters feel the need to react strongly by sending the message that violence and brutality must never and will not be the phenomenon that will turn the world towards equal treatment.

Sending our most sincere condolences to all the victims of insanity and their relatives, feeling abhorrence for terrorism of all colors and motives, we hope that these innocent victims will be the final moment of breaking in the consciousness of all of us, in the general understanding that no problems have ever been solved anywhere violence and war.

We remain at the vanguard of peace, justice, and love, always striving to promote tolerance and love among all peoples, races, religions, and genders on Earth.

Statement regarding the attack on the Brother, Grand Master of the Grand Orient of France in Paris

The Grand National Lodge of Croatia, represented by the Grand Master as well as its Brothers and Sisters, in deep disbelief, condemning any form of aggression directed against man, his personality, bodily integrity or the rights of man and citizen, expresses its deepest sympathy on the occasion of the savage attack on Brother, the Grand Master of the Grand Orient de France (GOdF), last week in Paris.

With strong fraternal support, the desire for the fastest possible healing and return to its duty in carrying out the centuries-old tasks and values of Universal Freemasonry, the Grand National Lodge of Croatia stands DETERMINED and STRONG to jointly oppose with Love, Wisdom, Strength, and Beauty all efforts to make man face with today's challenges, it deviates from its true path. It is precisely our fraternal connection that represents a firm foothold in the fight FOR freedom of spirit and mind, love, tolerance, non-violence, peace... for each individual, but also for humanity as a whole...

Letter sent to the Grand Master of the GOdF on the occasion of the intrusion of the yellow vests into their Lodge in Tarbes

To the most distinguished, most famous Grand Master of the Grand Orient of France,

Deeply stressed, shocked, and saddened by the latest senseless and cruel attack on the Lodges in Tarbes, we express our strongest and unconditional solidarity to all the Brothers and Sisters of the Grand Orient of France. Attacks on the premises and property of institutions that for hundreds of years promote tolerance, dialogue, understanding, freedom of speech and expression of individual ideas show that even in today's society, which is considered democratic and open, there are still dark forces that consider Freemasonry a physical enemy. We strongly condemn this act of violence, saying loudly that it does not scare us and will not stop us. On the contrary, it further strengthens our determination to continue our work on the path to creating a society of Freedom, Equality, and Fraternity.

For the benefit of our Homeland and all of Humanity - with the most sincere and warm Triple Fraternal Recognition.

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